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 What are the precautions when using pearl pigments?


Application in coatings
    Pearl pigments are suitable for most coating systems, including oil, water, powder, UV curing, etc., such as automotive, motorcycle, train, bicycle and other vehicle coatings; indoor and outdoor decorative architectural coatings; mobile phones, household appliances and daily necessities , plastic substrate coatings such as computers
and packaging containers; wood substrate coatings for furniture and decorations; surface coatings for artificial leather, leather, textiles; industrial decorative coatings for metal and non-metal substrates; powder coatings for household appliances and machinery; body painting, Art paints such as oil paintings. The use of pearl pigments in coatings is very simple. In order to make the dispersion easier to use, it is easier to pre-wet the appropriate amount of pearlescent pigments and then mix them in each transparent substrate to obtain a pearlescent coating.

What are the precautions when using pearl pigments?
Precautions when using
1. Pearlescent products can be used in combination with transparent dyes or pigments to obtain a unique and beautiful color effect, but if used together with opaque flutter, it will reduce the pearl luster.
2. High-shear mixing or long-time mixing and mixing, the particles of the pearlescent product will be destroyed, which is the reason for the decrease of the pearl luster.

3. When the coating is low in viscosity, the pearlescent product particles will precipitate, please use it again. Stir it.
4. Due to the phenomenon of complementary colors, do not mix the rainbow color series of pearl powder. III.
Application in plastics

Pearl pigment is also widely used in the plastic industry, including injection molding,blow molding, plastic molding, casting, color. Plastic processing technologies such as masterbatch, such as manufacturing cosmetic containers, shampoo containers, food and pharmaceutical containers, hoses, household plastics, toys, buttons, sandals, construction plastic products, home plastic decorations, etc.
First pre-wet the pearl powder and then mix it in plastic plastic grease to stir evenly. In the application of the Pearl pigment, it is suitable for printing inks such as gravure, letterpress, flexo, screen, coating, etc. Paper, wallpaper, business cards, tipping paper, greeting cards, etc.
The product has excellent decorative properties, making the color of various printed products more natural and vivid, and also has a noble pearl luster. 
 Application in cosmetics

Pearl pigment is also widely used in nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, powder cake, dyeing. Cosmetics and personal care products industries. Its heavy metals and microbial content have been tested to meet European and American standards. other Pearl pigment can also be applied to textiles, art paints, rubber and so on.
Pearl pigment and conventional tremors produce a series of novel effects, so they can be accepted by some of the most popular industries such as body painting.