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 Pearl pigment in industrial applications


    Mica titanium pearl pigment is formed by coating mica particles with Ti02 and/or other metal oxides. When white light is irradiated on the surface of these pearl pigment flakes, the multiple reflections of the light show a rainbow-like and vivid interference color. The thickness of Ti02 or metal oxide film is different, and the interference color of different colors is produced. He can give people a profound three-dimensional texture, and has a soft silky light, which can display a variety of color effects, imitate natural colors, and create beautiful colors. Colorful decorative effect.

Pearl pigment in industrial applications
    After Mard particle size detection and X-rite spectrometer test, the performance of pearl pigment is characterized by good pearlescent effect, low specific gravity, light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-conductivity and non-magnetic permeability. The chemical properties are very stable. In addition, the pearl pigment is completely non-toxic and suitable for increasingly strict environmental protection requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber, ink,paper, textiles, cosmetics, decorations, handicrafts, leather, enamel, ceramics, packaging supplies, printing and decoration. Building materials and many other departments