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 Cosmetic pearlescent pigments -China Pearl Pigment Supplier


    China's pearlescent pigment manufacturer's cosmetic-grade pearlescent pigments are natural mica,synthetic mica, silica, trioxane, bismuth flakes and glass flakes. Some of them are liquid-deposited on the surface of Chinese non-pigment manufacturers. The package looks at inorganic metal oxide materials and uses optical principles to form products with high color saturation and layering. 
    Due to its non-toxic, non-heavy metal and non-polluting properties, the product can be effectively applied in cosmetics. The use of this product in cosmetics can improve the transparency of the product,giving it excellent gloss, glitter and brightness, better compressibility and adhesion. At the same time,the surface-treated pearlescent pigments also have the characteristics of lipophilic and hydrophobic, which are quite helpful for skin feel, slip, adhesion and quality characteristics in different cosmetic formulations, and produce more wonderful effects, and the color is more attractive. Different from ordinary industrial grade pearlescent pigments.
    China's pearlescent pigment manufacturer's cosmetics pearlescent pigments use high-purity inorganic chemical raw materials and cosmetic-grade special lakes produced by internationally renowned manufacturers.
    The final products are treated with high-efficiency irradiation technology to meet the US FDA, EU cosmetics,Japanese cosmetics and Chinese cosmetics. Standard. Because pearl powder has unique color effects and characteristics of sheet materials, it can be widely used in cosmetics and detergents such as lipstick, hair gel, shampoo, eye shadow, nail polish, liquid foundation, powder skin cream. In addition to increasing the aesthetics of cosmetics, pearlescent powder has a functional effect, such as sunscreen and UV resistance.The surface modification of pearlescent pigments and mica powder can be carried out according to the actual application requirements of customers. 
    The surface treatment materials such as silicone and plant raw materials can be used to make the products more rich, moisturized, refreshed and smooth, and have superior skin-friendly and easy-to-use properties. Features such as long-lasting makeup and long-lasting makeup.