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 How to use makeup glitter powder?


    Glitter powder is used for modification. For example, the elbow can be used in the roughest part of
the whole arm. It is very exaggerated on the face. It is best not to use glitter powder during the daytime
makeup. It will be exaggerated and used at night. It is ok. Glitter powder is one of many cosmetic products.
It is used for high-gloss, and is often used in facial makeup design and any parts that you want to
    Make-up glitter powder is used after you wipe the cream and foundation and the powder, it is a
modification. But the glitter powder is not easy to hit, or it will be terrible in the sun.
    Glitter powder is a cosmetic that contains glittering particles that can achieve a partial sparkle
effect and sparkle.
The role of glitter powder is to bring luster to the skin, increase the brightness of the skin, and let the
skin shine immediately and shine. The glittering powder is very fine, very smooth to the touch, very close
to the skin, and available in a variety of colors.
1, the fashion of the thick eyebrows to join the glitter effect, creating a different cool and hot. The
first is to draw a stylish eyebrow, bold the position of the brow, and then the end of the eyebrows should
be elongated. Next is a golden glitter powder at the brow. For eye makeup, use a light golden brown eye
shadow, a light layer, don't flash than eyebrows.
2, add a sparkling effect on the delicate pink lip makeup, make the daily makeup more charming. When
creating this makeup, you should use a deeper color lip to show the sparkling feeling. You can simply use
lip gloss to achieve a brightening effect. If you want to shine more, you can use some lip gloss added with
glitter to make it more beautiful. Keep your eye makeup and makeup as clean as possible.